Darren Hunter.

About Me

If you’ve taken the time to click the link and/or care about what I have to say, thank you very much. It means a lot. 

I’ll get the basic stuff out of the way first.

  • My name is Darren Hunter.
  • I am 20 years old.
  • Home is Larbert, but I live and currently work in Dundee.
  • I’m a checkout operator for a major supermarket.

Without it meaning to sound like a cliche, I have a huge passion for writing, and I hope it comes across in what I do write. I enjoy nothing more than finding a good subject to write about, and diving in head-first to get as good writing material out of it as I possibly can.

You’re also likely to find me listening to some type of music or another. Just don’t expect me to tie down a particular genre I love the most, because I’ll listen to pretty much anything. 

Films are a top priority too, and like music, it’s really rather difficult for me to establish a favourite film, but off the top of my head, I’d say The Empire Strikes Back and Almost Famous are certainly personal favourites.

Overall though, if there’s something worth writing about, I’ll do it. Keep coming back to the site, because I’ll be putting stuff up all the time. Even if it isn’t articles (there’s always at least one in the works at once), I tend to put favourite songs, quotes and trailers on here as well.

If you want to listen to my radio show - and you should, because there’s great songs on it every week - then you’ll find us at http://www.discoverradio.dundee.ac.uk, and the website for my show in particular is http://www.discoverpickandmix.tumblr.com.

Right, best be off, I’m sleepy. 

Thanks again for reading,

Darren Alexander Hunter.